In Many Countries, the Law Says that People Must Attend School until They Become 18 Years Old

In many countries, the law says that people must attend school until they become 18 years old. Does the advantage outweigh the disadvantages?

Education is the basic need of every child. The regulation of the law in many nations is that people must admit their individuals to academic institutions for their primary and secondary education. From my perspective, this scheme has fewer demerits more merits.

To embark upon, with the increase of crime rate, population overflow, lack of knowledge, pollution, and unemployment, there is a reason behind these issues are the lack of education and knowledge. Children are the future of tomorrow, so the need for education and basic knowledge is essential for them for the welfare of the country. In the modern era, still, child labour exists in some underdeveloped countries. To remove this problem, the government has decided to implement a law of education which is important for children till their teenage. Moreover, with this step of the government, children are more aware of their responsibilities and their role towards the nation and family. In most countries, child marriage still exists with that the growth of the population is increasing day by day. So this rule leads to the students being aware of their reproductive health and family planning. Even more, the students get to know about advanced technology, health, current affairs. The country is also developing with educated youngsters, and they also raise the employment and currency rate of the country.

Secondly, with the merits, the demerits also exist. Due to this rule, the expenses of books, stationery material, transportation fare is also paid by the parents, which are very difficult for the under poverty people. The under poverty people fall under the below poverty line. The needs of the advanced facilities are raised which also cause harm to the environment, like the availability of mobile phones and various gadgets which produce harmful radiations and cause the extinction of some species of fauna.

Overall, the positive education results are more than the negative impact. With little difficulties, more easiness has come. It can also make children free to live.

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