In Some Countries 18 Is The Legal Age to Vote, to Drive and to Marry

In some countries, 18 is the legal age to vote, to drive and to marry, while it’s higher in some others. Do you think it’s the right age? Support your statement with relevant examples

Many nations consider 18 as the appropriate age for granting civic rights to their citizens. Such as getting married, acquiring a driving license and exercise voting rights.I agree with their decisions and wish to state the reasons in this following essay.

According to science, when an adolescent turns 18, it is known that he or she develops’ s all the cognitive and physical abilities to function as an adult. This means the person is capable of making their own decisions and handling their daily routines independently. Considering the modern education and learning environment, children learn about their civil rights and moral values in the school and are potentially ready to exercise soon after their graduation. A younger generation, when inducted at 18, can contribute to building a nation and enhance individual skills.

In India, these fundamental rights were granted in early 1980 to all the citizens, and since then, all the spheres of the nation have changed. The youth participated in choosing their own political leader, and few of them even contested elections to be better leaders of the future. Their innovative ideas helped new organisations to spur and flourish due to their involvement in decision making. A sense of responsibility and commitment was observed in the families who chose their life partners and got married. The result was they could be still earning in the future, even if the next generation graduates.

In the middle east, many nations brought this change in 2000. Earlier, the ideal age considered to practice civil rights was 21. Due to this, the youth was given the opportunity to be a part of modern civil society. Now they have the right to start their family early, be independent in accepting responsibilities in the corporate world and build their nation. Society would be better if youth could be a part of the civil fabric.

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