Some People Say that No One Should Work after the Age of 65 Others

Some people say that no one should work after the age of 65 others say that they should continue the work as long as they want. Discuss both views and give your opinion

Employment allows people not only to be financially stable but also to maintain certain status and dignity in the society. While few people claim that it is better to get relaxed and enjoy the beauty of life post retirement, others believe that they should be allowed to work if they wish so even after the retirement. This essay will discuss both the views and provide reasons for why people must be allowed to work until they want.

Once we reach the age of 65, it is obvious that the energy levels, patience, and health system may not be stronger than they were when younger. Because of this, it is completely true to say that the government should not allow these older people to work, and they should stay idle. For example, A senior citizen who once was an excellent performer may not even stand due to various old-age issue like knee pain or diabetes. However, the idea of applying this to everyone is completely preposterous.

On the other hand, retirement does not guarantee financial stability to a person. In other words, it is not necessary for a 65-year-old person to be well settled and debt-free. If a law to allow people to work until they want even after the retirement was brought by Bureaucrats, these senior citizens would work at least part-time to support their financial needs and families. Moreover, there should not be any restrictions on the kind of work they do to allow them to work in whatever filed they are fit at.

To sum up, although it is obvious to think people should not work after they retire, I believe that the law enforcement agencies must be favorable to senior citizens and allow them to work until they wish so for the betterment of their lives.

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