In Some Countries People Spend Long Hours at Work

In some countries, people spend long hours at work. Why does this happen? Is it a positive or negative development

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All over the world, it is a common practice for the working-class population to work for longer periods of time. The primary cause behind this is the competitive job market but at the same time, this fashion generally leads to serious health issues.


To begin with, the world has become fiercely competitive than ever. An employee requires to learn and adapt continuously to keep up with the latest technology. Because more than enough number of qualified individuals are looking for employment and maintained superior performance is crucial to secure reliable work in the long term. Furthermore, exponential inflation making it difficult to earn necessities for survival. For instance, real estate, food, healthcare, and children’s education etcetera are unimaginably expensive. Consequently, people are forced to work for extra hours to provide for the family.

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On the other hand, this type of encouragement is deteriorating the workers’ health. Since longer working hours cause a sedentary lifestyle, less exercise, and often obesity. It commonly concomitant with cardiovascular diseases and diabetes. In addition to this, family relations are also suffering from it. For example, full-time professionals are often left with less time to spend with spouses and children. As a result, due to less parental supervision, youngsters are going astray and even sometimes they indulge in drugs, narcotics, or other criminal activities.


In conclusion, spending more hours at work is necessary for people to survive in society however, the effects are strained relationships and unhealthy lifestyles. The government should fund the basic requirements to reduce the burden on its citizens.

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