In Some Countries, People Who Are Unemployed Receive a Sum of Money Each Week in The Form of A Benefit

In some countries, people who are unemployed receive a sum of money each week in the form of a benefit. While some support this, other people believe that this money should not be given. Discuss both points of view and give your own point of view.

In this competitive world, finding jobs related to someone’s ability is quite tricky. Some people are in favour of giving potential money without working anything. While others opine on this notion and believe that money is not necessary for unemployed citizens. I agree with the letter’s statement. In the further paragraph, I shall explain my viewpoint and my personal perspective.

Several people claim that receiving cash without working is an advantage. The most predominant use of money is fulfilled basic requirements. To elaborate on this, it isn’t easy to survive and complete primary requirements without work. Taking a sum of money from anyone helps to person. Another pivotal aspect of this statement is money can be used to improve a person’s skills. Moreover, taking training or education to build skills and money is essential. To epitome, if a person has money, they can quickly improve their skills and get a job or work without any pressure.

On the flip side of the notion that offering money to an unemployed person can make him more lazy and dependent. Because helping through cash only motivates a person to do work. Also, they will be used to taking everything without struggle and hard work. Another significant reason behind not giving cash is becoming a useless person. Equivocally, they become a burden on the government and families.

As for my side, the letter statement has many reasons. When unemployed person takes money from their parent or the government, they follow a misleading path. Such as thieves, gambling, and many else.

To recapitulate, many people have no work. However, giving them money for necessary work is unimportant because they become lazy, dependent on others, more useless and also engaged in misleading paths. I also support this notion as it has no negative impact on a person.

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