The Environmental Problems that Today’s World Is Facing Are so Great that There Is Little Ordinary People

The environmental problems that today’s world is facing are so great that there is little ordinary people can do to improve the situation. So governments and large organizations should be responsible for reducing the amount of damage being done to the environment. To what extent do you agree or disagree? Give reasons for your answer and include any relevant examples from your own experience or knowledge.

It is true that the environmental problem has increased the nook and corner of the world. In the salad days of the millennium, individuals can solve the environmental issue in a better way whereas, and it is also the responsibility of the authority ought to maintain the environmental problems. I tend to deem that this concept is extremely beneficial for them.

To commence with, it has a wide range of reasons, due to less use of own transportation, the people can save the environment. Therefore the vehicles emit harmful gases such as carbon dioxide, biocarbon, etcetera it polluting the environment. Consequently, the individuals give less preference to their own vehicles. This step is also beneficial for the environment.

On the other hand side, Multifarious reasons are associated with this notion, and Predominantly, due to strictly rule regulations, the authority ought to implement the strict action against those people who large use the plastic products and plastic cans then they can save the ecological system. To cite an example, in China, due to high charges, people use less amount of plastic bags. Thus, it is a better way to maintain the environment. Another striking reason behind this is that government should assume responsibility for spending the money on individuals’ lifestyles and environmental issues then they can easily save the environment.

To Recapitulate, it can be said that the environmental problems are increased sharply in today’s world. In my perspective, it is not the only responsibility of the government as well as it is the also responsibility of individuals.

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