In the Past, People Used to Travel to See the Differences from Their Home Country

In the past, people used to travel to see the differences from their home country. However, the sceneries in places around the world seem similar nowadays. What are the causes of these similarities? Do you think that the advantages of these similarities outweigh the disadvantages? Give reasons for your answer and include any relevant examples from your own experience or knowledge.

It is undeniable that people are quite passionate to experience the different nations around the globe. However, the places that are more attractive because of the special significant sceneries around the whole world are becoming indistinguishable these days. According to my conception, I do believe that the benefits of these outweigh the drawbacks because of the major causes of similarities.

Before all else, the most prominent cause behind this wave is the ease of modern technology as with technology, and we can develop and construct these types of scenarios places anywhere easily. In addition, globalization has also led this happen to construct similar monuments. Furthermore, one nation could easily follow the sculptures, sightseeing and public buildings, so this is the reason why countries have a similar scenic view. To instantiate, Auckland City of Newzealand and Toronto city of Canada has a similarly constructed building which is named as CN tower in the tower in Toronto and sky tower in Auckland, and the only difference is in their names.

Moreover, the main disadvantage of this issue will be the loss of interest of the people in visiting these scenic places. Ultimately, this will impact and adversely affect the tourism industry. For instance, if people have these scenic beauty places in their own country then why will be the travel. What is more, it has been noted that people visit these kinds of places because of their unique special things if all the location does not have any different spot to see then the vocation plans will be boring as well as there will be no exciting site to explore.

To recapitulate, it is evident that there are fewer positive points but more negative impacts of places being similar. This problem will also give rise to a reduction in the economic growth of the country.

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