In which areas do you think computers more important

Sample 1

computer labsIn the present scenario, computers become part and parcel of every human’s life. Individuals use it in many ways such as for business purposes, for medical treatments and so on. The computers have brought advancement in the academic arena for students. Tronic machines are helping pupils in learning concepts, the teacher also play an instrumental role in children’s life. I will discuss applications of computer as well as the role of trainers in juvenile’s life, in the following paragraphs of this essay.

First of all, computers help learners in class because nowadays, computer labs are available in every school. These classes are organized for the help of students. they can solve Complex equations of mathematics by using the electronic machine. As a result, trainees can easily understand the challenging equations. So they also save their energy and time. In addition, children can learn different concepts of their school curriculum by just connecting their computer with Internet access. Due to it, they can watch a number of study tutorials online including on YouTube and so on. thus, through this, they become able to deal with problems of school syllabus on their own. It makes the learner more creative and intelligent. apart From it, pupils can prepare their class presentations with the help of many software on the computer. For instance, in today’s world, teachers gave project work or presentations to their learners. By this, computers help them to show their hidden ability of the mind. So, persons create presentations with the help of computer and game a good position in the class.

On the flip side, teachers have their own great importance in a juvenile’s life. They do many things for students. Firstly, in the classroom, the teacher is emotional support for students because they calculate motivations and moral value in them. In other words, sometimes a few numbers of children get the demotivation and go astray from their studies. On this time, the only tutor can encourage them to do hard work. Secondly, many times, the theories or questionnaire are more difficult and pupils cannot understand it by just solving it on the computer. To do so, our teacher is necessary who guides them to solve Complex numerical step by step. So with the guidance of a trainer, Deccan understands challenging topics in just a few minutes. Last but not least, the tutor is only a person who allows their students to choose the profession by providing them good knowledge. To illustrate, several learners focus on science subject in order to take it as their future employment. Therefore, to learn the numerical and other information on this subject, they get help from their teacher.

To conclude, computers and teachers both have their own value in an individual’s life. Computers enable pupils to solve complex algorithms in a short time and save their energy. However, teachers provide them emotional support and better education.

Sample 2

calculating machinesToday is an epoch of cutting edge technology. electronics equipment has become part and parcel of the individual’s life like calculating machines. Lion’s share of individuals seems that electronic tools play an instrumental role in particular fields while others reckon that mentors hold the instrumental role in specific areas. So in this essay, I intend to highlight both prospectives in the upcoming paragraphs

To start with as it is a good asset Portability e-books asset by general work science of today is the technology to tomorrow as technology as technology is developing by leaps and bounds electronics equipment like artificial intelligence has been used in various fields. computers hold a prestigious place in different developments, Firstly in the era of high tech technology calculating machines as used in both private as well as government sectors with the assistant of computer’s work in completed in less time. Secondly, even in going depth knowledge of computers proves to be beneficial. Thirdly, from schools to tertiary educations computer provides oceans of knowledge not only save the time of learners but also the energy that’s why electronic gadget is used even in far-flung places and so on.

On the contrary, advocates of tutor’s believe that teachers play a pivotal role in enhancing pupil’s capabilities. Apart from giving knowledge, information educator guide, instruct the learners as personal advice, guidance is provided by trainer in schools, colleges, In addition to this instructor pay individual attention so that grievances of students can be sorted out. Moreover, in the teaching-learning process, the mentor plays an essential role. Even in universities professor in part education to the youngster by adopting innovative techniques so it is a well assert by someone a good teacher is like candles that burn to enlight his nearness.

To sum up, I pen down by saying that after analyzing both persuasive arguments I proudly deem that both tutors and calculating machines have their own benefits and negatives but both computers and mentors and needed for particular for smoothly.

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