Describe an occasion when you received incorrect information

Sample 1

Describe an occasion when you received incorrect informationDue to the advancement of Technology, it becomes very easy to get information in just one click. There are a Plethora of sources where individuals to find information such as websites, news, television and so on. However,  sometimes these channels misguide or mislead us. Here I would like to share an incident when I found wrong information about recruitment.

Last year after my graduation, I was free at home and I spent my time to search relevant job according to my qualification. Luckily, one day I saw an advertisement for Guru Nanak College who need a professor for the Commerce Department. I found it was a suitable job for me. So I signed in the website of this college and applied for this position. On the time I had invested 500 Indian rupees as registration fees.

After getting registered, I received a confirmation email, in which they disclose the interview date was 2nd June. Therefore, I went to Chandigarh with my husband for my interview. But Unfortunately, there was no one at the venue place. I asked the receptionist job interview and she retorted sorry there was no interview, maybe you got incorrect information. also, I showed my confirmation letter to her, then she told me, it was a problem of printing but the interview was on 20th June, not 2nd June.

I felt very Disappointed at that time because of some staff members negligence I wasted my time as well as money. I learned a lesson from it, do not believe blindly to anyone. hence, that was a situation when I received the wrong information.

Sample 2

Describe an occasion when you received incorrect information scholarship testWell, the wrong information makes us disappointed as well as pushes us back in our life. I have also faced such a situation. So, here I would like to describe it briefly.

When I was a school going child, then my one friend sent me an email with the link of a website. Along with this, he wrote that it is a hyperlink of a scholarship test’s registration form. So when I read this message, I clicked on it. I watched a piece of information about a scholarship test which was held by Punjab School Education Board. I registered for this test because on that time my financial condition was not so good and I wanted to help my parents by winning this scholarship.

For this test, I paid for this test by my father’s credit card. The fees for this test was a hundred rupees. After it, I downloaded an admit card for the scholarship test because it was necessary to appear in this exam. Then I got a print of my roll number with the help of my friend Lisa who informed me about this test.

In addition, Lisa had also registered for this Scholarship exam. The winner prize for this test was about 10000 rupees which I wanted to get.
So on the day of the exam, I and Liza, we both went to Ludhiana because this test was held there. We were so excited about this exam. So we arrived at the exam center but we were so astounded that there was no student at that place. I felt worried.

Moreover, after seeing this empty place, I asked from the exam coordinator about this scholarship test. Unfortunately, he told me that the scholarship test is not held here because it was going on at another part of the city. He explained that the venue on the website was incorrect. I felt blue because I did not have enough time to reach the correct place. So, I came back to my home with sadness because of many efforts to pass the scholarship test such as reading newspaper, articles, books soon. So I felt gloomy on that day.
overall, that was the time when I received incorrect information from a website.

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