Increasing the Price of Petrol Is the Only Way to Solve Environmental Problems

Increasing the price of petrol is the only way to solve environmental problems. Do you agree or disagree?

The environment is getting polluted day by day. There are manifold reasons such as deforestation enormous vehicles on the road and to name but a few. I disagree that increasing the prices of petrol is the only effective way to protect the environment. There are other alternatives namely say no to plastic, carpooling and recycling.

At the outset, although hiking petrol prices can make the people stop using vehicles; but, it is not a successful way as people involved in different kinds of occupations. So they commute round the clock. The best alternative is to bring modifications in the behaviour of the masses regarding using plastic things. If people say no to plastic things, then they can greatly save their environment. For instance, people use a lot of plastic bags which are non-biodegradable and they burn these in the open air. So making people aware of the consequences of their activities. They can stop using plastic and they will become aware that the gases that release from burning these things can make their environment pollute and people can also face health hazards.

Moreover, Carpooling is another efficient way. It will help in controlling pollution. The classical example is developed countries, where masses share their vehicles with others and it not only save their money but also creates less pollution because the number of automobiles will be less on the road.

Furthermore, recycle things is another productive way. If people make their habit to recycle, they can contribute a lot to saving their surroundings. People really inspired by the creation of Nek Chand, who had built a Rock garden in Chandigarh. Thus the waste material instead of disposing of can be used in a useful way. As such, people will try to save their atmosphere.

In conclusion, in consideration of the above analysis, it is ostensible that carpooling, recycling and a complete ban on using plastic things can assist a lot in regulating environmental problems.

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