It Is a Natural Process for Animal Species to Become Extinct

It is natural for animal species to become extinct (e.g. dinosaurs, dodos, etc.). There is no reason why people should try to prevent this from happening. Do you agree or disagree?

The extinction of animal species always is the consumption of media information around the world. Then, people said that the most problem of the extinction is caused by the natural process that creates people to think about no solution according to this problem. In my opinion, I really disagree with this argument and will present the solution to this topic.

One of the most problems of extinction is indeed caused by the natural process. Because of natural selection, some species will survive in the environment by adapting in finding food, breeding, and protecting self from a stranger. The more they can adapt to the environment, the more the animals can sustain in their environment. Moreover, natural disasters also play a crucial role to place some species in endangered species. The biggest extinction more than 1000 years ago was the attack of the meteoric from the space that makes all of the species in the world destroyed.

On the other hand, the conservation of the animal is the key to protect specific species from out of number. Of course, the extinction of the animal also relates to human activities. The ecosystem that builds the life cycles process is always sustainable if there is no treatment from the outside process. Illegal activities such as hunting for specific species to take their part from their body (tusk, skin) for business, deforestation for opening space that changing the function of the land from forest to farmland can create the ecosystem out of balance.  Therefore, humans should be aware of protecting their environment to live longer without any disturbance.

In conclusion, even though the natural process plays a role in animal extinction, the other problems are also caused by human activities. Therefore, conservation is needed to minimize the species from extinction.

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