It Is Better for Children to Grow up In the Countryside than In a Big City

It is better for children to grow up in the countryside than in a big city. Do you agree or disagree? Use specific reasons and examples to develop your essay.

Many individuals say It is more critical for kinders to live in the countryside to grow better way as compared to living in cities. I totally disagree with this statement. I discuss all the detail in the given paragraphs below.

There are many advantages to living in the village. In which towns less population and there is no traffic issue. The countryside area is free from pollution. Children can go anywhere without any problem. They can go to different places alone without any supervision. In urban areas, limited facilities are available. In villages, various things are generally that is free from danger, like fruits and vegetables. The environment of the countryside is fresh and free from pollution. The crime rate is more in big cities.

On the other side, living in urban areas has many disadvantages. There are fewer facilities regarding our daily needs. People who need medical facility move to cities for better treatment. There are a limited number of job opportunities available. So, many individuals move to cities for better education and get jobs in different streams. Good transportation is also better in the towns as compared to the countryside. For instance, last year, nearly 1 lac people moved to cities for a better lifestyle, better education and the latest job opportunities that are not in villages.

Furthermore, many entertaining centres and cinema halls are open in cities rather than in villages. When I was a child, I mostly preferred visiting the cinema to watch movies. Another reason is choosing a city that offers medical, dental and many other services Stations avaiStationsowns. I think by living in the town, we can save our precious time and money. Many tuition centres are in cities for better knowledge. We can attend extra classes in music, gymnastics, and dancing in our free time because these facilities are available in towns. We can get different jobs in various professions according to our choice.

In conclusion, I believe that towns are better than the countryside. Because It provides the most significant opportunities and more chances to achieve success in a short period. Many resources are available in cities that are more precious for our life. We have never needed to travel long distances.

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