Many Animals Are Being Hunted to the Brink of Extinction

Many animals are being hunted to the brink of extinction to fulfill humankind’s demand and greed for decorative purposes and other reasons, Such as traditional medicine. How can this issue be tackled?

It looks pleasant to hear the word Live and let live; but, in cases of animals, it does not suit as animals are brutally killed, and now they are going to be endangered because of their exploitation for food, decorative pieces of art, medicines and to name but a few. This articulation will elucidate the justification of my standpoint regarding handling this issue.

At the outset, animals are slaughtered and now and then sold in the global market, and sometimes animals are killed because they are unsuitable s for consumption. What’s more, now it is in vogue to test any drug on animals before experimenting on human beings. There is bloodshed of innocent creatures who fulfill the needs of human beings and are getting extinct. So there are many reasons behind this cruelty, but here the focus is on how this brutal act can be stopped for these creatures.

As there are many ways, but among them, the one is imposing a heavy penalty to the wrongdoers so that before doing any abominable task, they can think about it. So a complete ban on hunting can assist a lot in helping out these creatures. Moreover, creating awareness by displaying the scenes when people make harm to these creatures and this thing can have an everlasting effect on the psyche of a person. This will compel them to feel their acute pain that these species bear at the time of torture. For instance, when covid-19 spread in the other parts of the world, many videos on YouTube, Instagram showed that how the people of Europe killed innocent animals for their food and money. When people actually saw the animals were mercilessly slaughtered, the consumption of non-veg vegetarian food abruptly decreased. So this was the impact of presenting reality to them, and now people less like to consume animal meat.

In conclusion, so people kill animals for various purposes that become the cause of the extinction of some species. This act of human beings not only harm the poor creatures but also is putting the life of human beings at risk. Out of many solutions, presenting reality to individuals and a complete ban on hunting can prove well to handle this alarming situation.

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