Many Countries Are Struggling with Increases in Crime Rates, and Some Think that Having More Police

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Many Countries Are Struggling with Increases in Crime Rates, and Some Think that Having More Police

Many countries are struggling with increases in crime rates, and some think that having more police on the streets is the best way to reduce these increasing levels of crime. Do you agree or disagree?

The crime rate has become ubiquitous. To mitigate this problem, every nation prefers various solutions. Among these, different organisations choose to have police on each and every street. Hence, I formally concur with the laid statement, and the reasons for my inclination are articulated in the ensuing paragraphs.

First and foremost, having security on the road will give fear to the thief from doing such illegal activities. For instance, in India, policemen are always available on each corner. Therefore, crime is also reduced, which stands as an epitome. Also, if a person commits a crime, they will catch that person without effort because they are there for it.

Another reason to support my ideology is that they can take quick action after the crime so criminals will not do any illegal activities. Ergo, there is hardly a crime that happens. For example, if there is no copy available, citizens have to go to the nearest police station, and then they will do some work. Eventually, it takes a lot of time to react. Hence, having police on the streets will lessen the crime rates.

Last but not least, they will work CCTV cameras throughout the whole day. Furthermore, it reduces the cost of installing the camera and maintaining it. Along with that, they are able to react quickly while the camera is not doing anything. So, having policemen give citizens the feeling that they are safe, and it is fruitful for them.

On close scrutiny, I conclude that having policemen reduces crime, as well as better security, as they give instant reaction to crime, moreover, camera as a camera.

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