Many Countries Spend a Lot of Money on Improved Transport for Urban Areas

Many countries spend a lot of money on improved transport for urban areas while neglecting rural transport. What are the problems associated with this? What are some possible solutions?

Spending money to improve transportation in the metropolis rather than the countryside has become the normal routine in most countries. The problem associated with this is overpopulation and inflation in the food price. At the same time, some remedies include establishing basic amenities in the rural area and fixing the road via a private organization.

To begin, the implication of improving transportation in the Urban area is overcrowding, and people are moving from the countryside in search of a better life and to secure better opportunities. Most cities have basic amenities such as good water, stable electricity, and a superb educational system. For instance, my grandmother died of a snake bite because there were no means of transporting her from the countryside to the city. Furthermore, there is an increase in food prices, and farmers these days have difficulty transporting their agricultural products to the metropolis. As a result, those that struggle to find means of transportation sell at a higher price. Hence, overpopulation and the rise in the price of food is the major problem in improving transportation in urban areas.

Moreover, establishing basic amenities in the countryside is one of the ways to solve this issue. If the government established good schools, frequent electricity supply and primary health care in the rural area, people would not have to travel down to the metropolis. Also, the government can employ a private company to fix the roads in the village, which will result in employment opportunities for the citizens and a reduction in the number of deaths recorded. Thus, providing things considered necessary to live a comfortable life and a correction to the damaged roads are possible solutions. For example, in a research conducted by a group of psychologists in the United States, more people live in the countryside than in urban areas because all things are provided equally in both areas.

To conclude, although poor transport networks in rural areas cause many problems for the people, the government can mitigate these issues easily.

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