Many Doctors Recommend that Older People Exercise Regularly

Many doctors recommend that older people exercise regularly, but most patients do not follow an exercise routine. Why do you think this happens? How can people be encouraged to exercise regularly?

According to doctors advice, those people who belong to older age, they always should do regular exercise for enhancing their survival of life which proves most crucial for them. However, most of the parents always ignored those daily exercises. There are a number of reasons behind this trend, and this notion can be tackled by encouraging them by different methods.

To commence with the number of reasons behind ignorance of exercise routine. First and foremost is the importance of rest instead of exercise. To elaborate, most of the older age people always give preference to rest in bed. They think that if they do exercise, they can feel difficulty while doing any activity, which is the main reason for ignorance of exercises. For instance, at old age, bones are weak, and they can suffer from cracking of bones during movement of the body. As a result, whenever they don’t exercise, they always suffer from the clot of blood that needs movement. Secondly, the absence of someone who helps them in those activities. Because most of the people are busy in their work and they have not enough time for spending their time with old-aged. Old age people aren’t able to do the activity alone, and they always need the help of another person, which is another striking reason for ignorance of exercise.

However, there are a number of factors that helps in encouraging them toward doing exercises. Firstly, the government should organise home to home campaigns regarding health. Most people are unaware of exercises. They need awareness about this notion. Hence, these campaigns prove very beneficial for their health of them. Secondly, the authority should also start more programs which encourage them for doing exercises. Because, although old age people cannot go outside from their home, they acquire knowledge through these programs about their health. For instance, “sehat jaruri hai” programs have become very popular in India, which is coming on the DD Punjabi channel in the morning. Therefore, those types of programs are accountable for their healthy life, which always encourage them for doing a different types of exercises.

To conclude, although most of the patients are always ignore daily routine exercises by giving importance to bed rest and absence of other people who help them in doing exercises, through organising home to home campaigns and by starting health-related programs always encourage them for performing different exercises in daily routine which prove very beneficial for them.

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