Many Parents Are Interested in Homeschooling and the Trend Is Gaining Popularity

In some countries, many parents are interested in Homeschooling, and the trend is gaining popularity. Do the advantages of this outweigh the disadvantages?

In modern life, many parents prefer to educate their children by using the homeschooling method, and this trend gains more popularity soon. However, I believe that learning from school will take more advantage instead of Homeschooling. This essay will explain both perspectives and give examples.

It is true that the homeschooling method would take academic flexibility when choosing the curriculum. Parents can be assistance to support teachers about their children’s passion so that it could help the future life of those children such as career path and their interest talent. For instance, some children like to study art than pure science. Because of Homeschooling, children and parents can request the subjects and curriculums, focusing on art and related discipline in order to improve student’s motivation and specialization.

On the other hand, There are a lot of drawbacks to the homeschooling teaching method. One of the most children could not have not only social interaction by hardly interact with their peers but also the real-life problems, learned from conventional school. If Children study at homeschooling method, they will not learn study cases such as working together for tasks and homework like in school, presenting the argument in front of the class, learning leadership skills with other students. In addition, Homeschooling can not be supported by extra activities outside of the curriculum, such as extracurricular that would boost children’s ability in sport, time management, leading organization. Hence, Homeschooling will limit student activities just on their hard skill, but it would be hard to get interaction with other communities.

In conclusion, Even though Homeschooling has the sum of benefits from flexibility to choose curriculum and specialization on children interest, the drawbacks for this method is higher because student not only needs to learn about hard skill from their subjects but also need to learn social interaction and real-life problems that are necessary for their future.

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