Many People Believe that Playing Games and Watching Tv Programmes Is Beneficial

Many people believe that playing games and watching TV programmes is beneficial but others say it doesn’t improve the mental ability of children. to What extent do you agree or disagree.

It is irrefutable that most of the denizens ascertain that there are a plethora of benefits from playing games and watching TV shows. Perhaps, others argue that there are numerous disadvantages, like mental ability does not increase for infants. I completely agree with this assertion. In this essay, I intend to delve into the benefits of the statement along with relevant illustrations.

Firstly, by playing games, there are plenty of advantages. Besides, the children can improve their intellectual power by going to the next levels in their games. They can use their complete focus and dedication by playing those games. Similarly, they can get more focus on education also. For instance, there are a lot of kids who started playing games at the age of 3 years and started learning many from those games. In addition to that, while at the age of 15 years, they are developing many applications which are useful to society.

In the same way, by watching TV programs, children can improve their memory power. Moreover, the kids are in today’s generation have more grasping power. For instance, by watching game shows which have general knowledge shows, from the age of 10 years onwards, they can get more general knowledge. Furthermore, there are numerous shows which can give entertainment along with general knowledge which can help to all age groups.

In conclusion, by playing games and from watching TV programs children can benefit more and can improve their intellectual power and ability in which they can solve complex problems in the near future.

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