Many People Feel that All Teenagers Should Have to Do Unpaid Work During Their Free Time to Help the Local Community

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Many People Feel that All Teenagers Should Have to Do Unpaid Work During Their Free Time to Help the Local Community

Many people feel that all teenagers should have to do unpaid work during their free time to help the local community and for the benefit of society as a whole. To what extent do you agree or disagree?

It has been suggested that adolescents must do voluntary work in their leisure time to improve the community and its welfare. I completely agree with it as the whole society, both teenagers and society people will reap the fruits. Youngsters will become fully aware of society’s problems, and a community can get free services from these people in the area of clearing, organizing functions etc.

First, if teenagers take part in unpaid work, it will also benefit them and society. Firstly, they will get to know various problems in their locality, and they will try to solve them with complete dedication. For instance, young minds work with local NGOs, assisting them in preparing meals for oppressed masses and helping them provide clothes and other essential items. Resultantly, this experience makes them understand the suffering of individuals, and in future, they will try to improve their condition. Moreover, society will be more peaceful and careful about these people.

Furthermore, in any society, hygienic conditions are often sought. For it, a sweeper is appointed to clean the community. They might be punctual. If the place is unclean, it will be difficult for the individuals to survive there. Therefore, youngsters can help clean the area, take care of older adults by giving them medicines and also spending time with them to listen to them to remove their false fears. Thus, these whole works need personnel who sometimes demand handsome income, which is now and then challenging for society. Therefore youngsters can provide free of cost services and benefit their community. In this way, youngsters will develop feelings of pity, love and affection for it. Undoubtedly, it will be a better place to live in.

In conclusion, unpaid work by teenagers in their free time can make them conscious of the problems that society experiences. It also benefits a community by making it a better place by reducing the expenses sweepers, or nannies bear.

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