Many People Prefer to Watch Foreign Films Rather than Locally Produced Films

Many people prefer to watch foreign films rather than locally produced films. Why could this be? Should governments give more financial support to local film industries?

Foreign movies are becoming more popular. A lot of people like the idea of watching foreign movies rather than those that were produced locally. This essay will discuss why this is happening and why the government should financially support the film industry.

There is a basis for why foreign movies are gaining popularity, and here are some of them. This is because they want to learn foreign languages and their films are very interesting compared to locally made ones. Firstly, understanding other people’s language gives you more excellent opportunities to be an individual in case you find yourself in any foreign country, especially the accent. This helps one to get more equipped for the foreign world because you get used to the language through frequent watching of their movies. Doing this often enhances the smooth learning process.

For instance, watching American movies always helps you understand their accent very well without any stress. Overall, learning can take place through the teaching of international films. Secondly, they produce more interesting movies than the local film producers, and they generally talk about life experiences in an absolute sense. And also, they have more competent filmmakers who do the work passionately. Such movies have a good storyline. The producers invest more money in its casting, which makes it appealing to their cherished viewers. Great lessons are learnt from them. For example, I watched a Turkish investigative movie where I got experience in undergoing critical monitoring, which has helped a lot. Interesting movies are always good to watch.

Furthermore, the government needs to give more assistance to local film industries for the following reasons. Investing in regional film industries reduces unemployment and builds a training school for filmmakers. Making the acting career more attractive draws people’s minds into the industry. Many people out there have the zeal to act but are discouraged by the poor state of the movie industry. The government have to invest more by putting them on a salary structure. When they enrol in the acting career, it will reduce the unemployment problem in the country. Those with passion will then get something to do with their lives, and the tax they will pay helps develop the nation. Imagining about 50% of the population is engaged in acting, there will be a reduction in the unemployment rate. This allows the country to develop in all sectors.

In conclusion, developing interest in internationally made movies more than our local films is because of the idea of familiarizing ourselves with foreign communities and also due to the poor performance of our actors and actresses to cast good movies. Moreover, the government can support the industry financially to help with the smooth running of its affairs. In addition, more training schools can be built by the government’s initiative to help film producers upgrade themselves.

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