Many People Today Would Argue that Cinemas Are Becoming Irrelevant Due to New Streaming Services

Many people today would argue that cinemas are becoming irrelevant due to new streaming services. To what extent do you agree or disagree?

Several people believe that cinema is becoming beside the point due to the surge in new streaming facilities. This essay would like to partially accord with the given statement. And vindicate the well-grounded elaborations in the impending paragraphs before coming to a viable conclusion.

With regards to the new streaming amenities, people could watch umpteen programs at setting their comfort space. Because these services are available online. They do not need to go to the cinema, wait in a long line and buy tickets. Moreover, there is not any time boundation to watch their favorite shows online. In addition, new OTT (over-the-top) platforms such as Netflix, Prime Videos, Hotstar, Apple TV, and many others provide unlimited programs to watch, and their monthly subscriptions are almost as high as a cinema ticket. Consequently, people would prefer to entertain themselves with streaming facilities. (Many People Today Would Argue that Cinemas)

On the other hand, the cinema craze among people could not be diminished as people love to see their favorite heroes on the big screen, and the majority of people do not have many spaces in their Adobe to install bigger screens. What is more, it is the choice of people to watch movies with a high-definition of the sound system and HD quality. Moreover, cinema provides 3D, 5D, and 7D movie options, which are not yet developed on streaming services. Lastly, during the online movie facility, people could be interrupted by notifications, calls, or messages. However, the cinema provides the best atmosphere with good meal options so that people can cherish the movie with their loved ones without interrupting.

In conclusion, although there are several benefits of new streaming facilities. These services could not replace the cinema trend because of a comfortable and friendly atmosphere and good infrastructure facilities.

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