Many Psychologists Recommend that The Best Way to Relieve Stress Is to Do Nothing at All During the Day

Many psychologists recommend that the best way to relieve stress is to do nothing at all during the day. Do you agree or disagree?

Having some “No work time” time a day has become common advice by most medical practitioners and mental health specialists to remain stress-free throughout the day. It is believed that daily practice of this can boost mental well-being as well as productivity, indirectly resulting in tension-free life. This essay supports the idea of sparing some period to do absolutely nothing, along with the rationale behind this agreement.

The brain is an organ that continuously works even when the body is asleep. Right from the common day-to-day activities up to the complex learning of new activities is a function of the brain that keeps things smooth for us. To incorporate all these functions, many chemical reactions take place inside the brain, making it fatigued. A small break from inactivity can recharge the brain and boost its function, leading to increased productivity.

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As per a survey published in the International Journal of Psychology, Mental fatigue, if not managed on time, can lead to an acute confusing state, increased agility, irritability, as well as behavioral changes that, longer, can cause stress, anxiety, depression and, worst most, schizophrenia. Another research paper supports taking frequent breaks by doing no activity for a few minutes. It can easily tackle common problems like brain fog, overthinking, procrastination, and anger issues by balancing hormones and metabolism during this “No work time.”

In a nutshell, stress is a precursor of many mental problems. At the same time, it can be managed by something as small as taking a few minutes of a break by just doing nothing. It is a great way to deal with it, and everyone, as a routine practice, should follow it.

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