Some People Think that The Best Way to Succeed in Life Is to Get a University Education

Some people think that the best way to succeed in life is to get a university education, while others disagree and say that it is no longer true nowadays. Discuss both views and give your own opinions.

The issue at present the issue is university education is essential for a better life. People espouse the notion that education at university plays an important role in success, while others think that it is not imperative. I opine that a university education is not important for success in life in the contemporary era. This essay will scrutinize the aspects of the quandary in the ensuing paragraphs.

To begin with, proponents believe that education at university plays a cardinal role in success in life because university education gives not only educational knowledge but also life lessons. Furthermore, in a competitive era, people face a predicament while finding a job as one position gets a hundred applications, so companies choose a candidate who has a university degree. For example, the report elucidated in 2020 that more than 50,000 individuals lost their jobs in covid lockdown in India as they did not have a degree.

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Secondly, I vehemently believe that a university degree is not essential. Nowadays, people have become entrepreneurs, so they do not need a degree to start a set-up. In addition, many successful men, like Bill Gates and Mukes Ambani, do not have university degrees but are successful in life. People need financial knowledge for success in life, so they can find those things on the internet. Moreover, many students cannot get university degrees because of financial problems. To exemplify, the reports of Time of India in 2018 showed that a plethora of individuals started their businesses after dropping out of university, and they believed that a degree was not essential.

In conclusion, considering these points from a personal perspective, without a shadow of a doubt, I am inclined to believe that a degree from a university is not important for success in life.

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