Many Supermarkets Sell More and More Imported Food Products than Ones Produced

Many supermarkets sell more and more imported food products than ones produced in their home country. What are the advantages and disadvantages of this trend?

In today’s era of globalisation gives huge thrust to every sector and expands markets as well as trade between nations, the availability of imported food items arises instead of automatically produced goods. This trend has merits as well as demerits which I will explain in further processions words.

Coming to advantages of imported food items. First and foremost is that the foreign trade creates a close-knit relationship. which suggests that the trading of products and food items strengthens the bond between a two Nations. Moreover, this trend opens new work and business opportunities. Foreign companies may establish their Industries and factories to fulfil the demand for their products for the people of the Nation. Secondly, the climate problems force authorities to import products which reflect that some Nation has harsh climate conditions in which they can’t grow food items to fulfil the demand of their citizens. For instance, Arabian and African countries have very harsh climates and land conditions, which are unsuitable for Some crops. Thus, the ministry imports food from other countries to satisfy their citizens and curb the problem of starvation M which is more detrimental to their Nation.

Now moving further, two demerits; firstly, the imported goods always put pressure on Nation’s economy. Sometimes authorities buy products at a very high price, and then that particular products sell in the domestic market on an extensive basis. So, some people can’t afford that item. Furthermore, if authorities always import food from other countries, their own agriculture industry may have vanished someday. As a result, one country may become totally dependent on other Nations, and people who are linked with agriculture businesses may face a crisis.

To summarise the above points, today’s import-export plays a significant role and gives a wider choice to consumers, but the Dark Side should not be ignored, which may give disastrous results in future of the domestic country.

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