Many Young People Today Know More About International Pop or Movie

Many young people today know more about international pop or movie stars than about famous people in the history of their own country. Why is this? What can be done to increase young people’s interest infamous people in the history of their country?

It has been seen that youngsters are more inclined to be international singers and film stars, whereas they have very little knowledge about the famous personalities of the history of their own culture. There are main reasons behind this is the lack of awareness, and young people’s interest can be easily increased by enhancing their knowledge about the history of their own country.

The major reason behind this trend is that young people have a piece of mere knowledge about the prominent personalities of the history of their own nation. In other words, young people easily get information about international stars through social networking sites. The easy availability of resources on social networking sites, such as Youtube, Instagram and Facebook, creates a huge impact on young minds. This impact draws their whole attention toward international celebrities. This leads to a lack of knowledge about their own culture and history. An article published in The Guardian in 2018 stated that youngsters usually get influenced by international personalities due to the easy accessibility of social networking sites.

This predicament can be easily resolved by drawing the interest of young people toward the history of their own nation. That is to say, and the government should finance the films which mark the important events and personalities of history. This will not only make youngsters feel proud of their history, but it will enhance their awareness regarding famous personalities of the history of their own country. Recently a film has been made to pay tribute to the martyr of the Saragarhi war, which was fought by The Sikh soldiers in alliance with the Britishers against the Afghans. This film has attracted the youngsters, and it was a blockbusters movie. It created a niche in the hearts of young people regarding the Sikh warrior.

To conclude, even though young people know more about international celebrities, their knowledge about their own history can be enhanced by making feature films on famous personalities from history. 

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