Medical Procedures for Cosmetic Purposes Should Not Be Allowed

Medical procedures for cosmetic purposes should not be allowed. Do you agree or disagree?

Recently, people started focusing more on physical appearances, and due to this, many individuals undergo medical treatments to look good. Some argue that medical treatments for cosmetic enhancement should not be allowed. I personally disagree with the writer’s notion and will discuss the reasons for the same in the upcoming paragraphs.

In the 21st century, due to technological advancements and apps like Instagram, it is possible for an average citizen to be famous easily, unlike in the past when only film actors and actresses were the only famous personalities. Therefore, individuals who love to stay in front of the camera might prefer to undergo cosmetic treatment to enhance their physical appearance. To cite an illustration, it is now common to see females undergo minor surgical procedures to have dimples because, according to many individuals, it can make a person look cute.

In addition, doctors are highly trained in modern treatments, and they are easily available, which is also why more people are getting cosmetic procedures done. Because unlike in the past, when people had to travel for miles to get treatment, now they can get it even in their city and have no need to travel far for it. Also, due to advancements in the medical field, cosmetic procedures have become less complicated, like non-surgical rhinoplasty is also possible and is safer now than ever. In addition, finding a specialist is also easy nowadays. Many doctors only practice enhancing the looks of their patients. For instance, In dentistry, many dentists only do veneers to do smile makeovers.

However, some individuals do not support this as they believe it is important for people to accept that looks are not everything and that one can be perfect even with an imperfect body, which is completely normal. I disagree with such people who are against medical treatment because it should be an individual’s personal choice if he/she wants cosmetic enhancement or not. Nobody should force anyone to do anything, as everyone should have the right to choose in their life. Also, Sometimes it becomes necessary to undergo cosmetic procedures in cases like burns.

To conclude, Medical therapy to look good is now in trend, and many people are against this change, but everyone has the right to decide for their own life, and nobody should be forced to do something they do not want to.

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