More and More Young People from Wealthy Countries Are Spending Time in Communities in Poorer Countries

More and more young people from wealthy countries are spending time in communities in poorer countries doing unpaid work such as teaching or building houses. Why is this? Who benefits more from this, the communities or these young people?

These days, the Trend of volunteer work for youngsters has increased towards needy society by providing education or making a home. This essay will discuss possible reasons for this Trend, and who gets more advantages from it .from my perspective, youngsters have more benefits.

Emphatically, the reasons for unpaid work seem to be relatively straightforward. The principal reason is that nowadays, many institutes and Universities import research work or fieldwork grades in the last year of graduation. As a result, they must enrol in this volunteer work. Besides, today’s youth are also participating in organisations such as the Yogeshwar youth club of childhood. This is because of their responsibility toward Nations and the Karma of life, .which has resulted in them having a cheerful Karma and things for needy people .for example, in rainy seasons and in winter, youth organisations provide essential accessories to poor societies.

However, both teenagers as well as community benefits from these, but younger’s get more. Firstly, providing grades from various educational institutes gives them more chances to get jobs. This is because several career fields require experience in education. For instance, in the pharmacy, although having a good grade in University exams, training or research work in hospitals or other industries is more valued. Furthermore, through youth organisation activities, today’s teenagers know about the current issues in Nations and requirements for national growth. This is because teenagers are builders of the future World .as a result, they raise awareness of existing diseases and other issues. They also spread knowledge of different government schemes for individuals.

To conclude, it is needless to state that University gives grade according to their work, and the Karma of youth are the root reason for this Trend .however, poor individuals get help to build their residential area, and youth can feel proud after this work.

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