Movies and Computer Games Containing Violence Are Popular

Movies and computer games containing violence are popular. Some people say they have a negative effect on society and should be censored. Others say they are just harmless relaxation. Discuss both these views and give your own opinion.

People follow the global culture, which is the amalgamation of technology. The individuals become watching more movies and playing international games containing violence and crime. Some opine those effects should be made to negative in the society and should be censored, but others believe it would be just harmless and relaxation. In the following paragraphs, I shall discuss both views. I, however, side with the latter view.

The reason why the possibility of a negative effect on society and should be limit is that films and games are directly related to the personality of a human being. To elaborate, many video games and movies are showed by aggressive and filled with awful violations. Teenagers may adopt in their life as passion also following some tasks. For example, the game Blue Whale took many lives of youngsters. Another very practical reason for censoring movies is that teenagers and pupils are watching porn films at pre-mature age it to become a chance a juvenile delinquent.


On the other hand, those opposed to against and say it is just harmless relaxation is that movies and games are entertainment factors in personal lifestyle. To explain, there are better opportunities in cine industries and game developments. Today’s work life is stressful, so people love to do play online games and movies after their hard jobs. These entertainments were rejuvenating their mind. For example, in the pandemic covid-19 season, many sociologists suggested watching movies and play games which are doing quarantine and doing work from home; it gets mind free and avoids deterioration.

To conclude, it could be said that the idea of censoring movies and games containing violence sounds good, but it is difficult to sustain because the technology is vase arguments will come. This trend is not likely to abate. Therefore, it is a drawback to society if not censored.

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