Nowadays Animal Experiments Are Widely Used to Develop New Medicines and To Test the Safety of Other Products

Nowadays Animal Experiments Are Widely Used to Develop New Medicines and To Test the Safety of Other Products. Some People Argue that These Experiments Should Be Banned Because It Is Morally Wrong to Cause Animals to Suffer, While Others Are in Favour of Them Because of Their Benefits to Humanity. Discuss Both Views and Give Your Own Opinion.

In this modern era, animal trials are broadly used to develop various practices of medicine and to check outcomes, which was always debatable and has now become more controversial, with many people claiming that it is beneficial, while others reject this notion. In the forthcoming paragraphs, I have discussed both views as well as my opinion and thus lead to a logical conclusion.

Taking into account the view of the former, the lives of animals should be respected, and humans have no model rights to do experiments on animals. They also suffer from pain as humans. Moreover, they are helpful in an individual’s routine life, so they should respect them and ban experiments on them for a different purposes.

On the other hand, because of the letter, animals are used in important scientific research. It is necessary to do medical or new drug tests on them because if scientists test directly on humans, it is dangerous for human beings. Furthermore, animal testing helps to advance medical and scientific knowledge, which leads to the advancement of medicine and technology.

From my point of view, there are other ways to research medicines and drugs. Like through genetic structure, researchers take several jeans on a Petri dish and preserve at outside and do research on them.

To recapitulate, animals are used in various experiments of remedy and help in advancement because their genes are the same as a human. I opine that there are other alternative sources to research, and people should respect animals and other creatures of the world.

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