Nowadays Celebrities Are More Famous for Their Glamour and Wealth

Nowadays Celebrities Are More Famous for Their Glamour and Wealth Than for Their Achievements, and this sets a bad example for young people. To what extent do you agree or disagree?

Sample Answer of Nowadays Celebrities Are More Famous for Their Glamour and Wealth


These days film stars are known everywhere for the money that they possess and also their attractive lifestyle. However, their extravagant lifestyle instigates the youngsters to adopt antisocial behavior and deviate from their path of study. Thus, I completely agree with this view and will explain my perspective in the subsequent paragraphs.


First and foremost, luxurious lifestyles of renowned personalities prepare the young minds to adopt it. Adolescents consider money and an attractive lifestyle is essential to lead a life of these personalities. For example, they spend huge amounts of money to have their hair cut and also to purchase the attires that their favorite actors or actresses wear. In this way they become spendthrift and when they are unable to bear their expenses, they adopt a hostile attitude and become involved in illegal activities. Thus, the materialistic things and show of these really allure the younger to dream of such a life.


Moreover, they are enthusiastic enough to build their career as a great entrepreneur, technician, and to name but a few. Albeit, the glossy life of famous personalities deviate them from their path of studying. They show less interest in the study and remain busy adopting the lifestyle of their idols as well as build castles in the air. For instance, youngsters watch movies and spend most of their time dressing them up and devote less time to study. Gradually, they lose their flair in getting an education, and interviews of popular actors add fuel to the fire; when they get to know that their favorite idols got success due to their good physique and recommendations. So, they pay more attention to beautify themselves and it becomes a big obstacle in their learning.


In conclusion, thus, plenty of money and attractive lifestyles of popular personalities turn youngsters to adopt a hostile attitude especially when they are unable to lead such luxurious life and it also distracts them from their studies.

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