Nowadays Many People Have an Unhealthy Diet and Do Not Exercise Regularly

Nowadays, many people have an unhealthy diet and do not exercise regularly. What are the reasons behind this trend? How can we encourage these people to live healthy lifestyles?

If we compare how people used to live a more healthy life before, there are many reasons behind this. In this essay, I will try to explain some of the senses. Away from family: most of us are not staying with our family. Nowadays we prefer to stay alone in the city either to study or for a job. So, there is no guardianship; they do whatever they want.

Busy lifestyle: everyone is too busy planning their future, studying, jobs, and making money. After a whole day of work, they love their nightlife partying in pubs and discotheques. They do not live an everyday life, like getting up early, working the whole day, and sleeping early, considered a healthy life.

Easy dining options available: More choices of restaurants around us and online ordering of the same has affected our eating habits drastically. People are already tired of their busy schedules, so ordering online and visiting restaurants are more accessible options. Unfortunately, restaurant menus are full of unhealthy food items, which everyone enjoys daily as their special meal.

To conclude, people need to understand the kind of eating habits they have developed. The life which they are living right now is not suitable for them. Their own life is at risk. Such a lifestyle is the reason for all their health issues. Once they understand the value of a healthy diet and exercise /yoga, I am sure they will follow this, and I feel we can also achieve this by doing some online campaigns so that we can educate them.

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