You Would Like to Take a Part-time Course at the University

You would like to take a part-time course at the university, but don’t have the money to do it. Write a letter to an organization that supports students financially and asks for help. In your letter

– Describe your qualification and degree.
– Provide some details of the course.
– Explain how this course will help you in the future.




Subject: Financial Support for Part-Time Study.

Dear Mam/Sir,

I am Anjali Sharma, a resident of Digha, Kolkata, and I am a Business Management graduate from WBUT. I finished my graduation two years ago but could not continue my education as my family condition did not allow me to carry on with my studies. Hence, I left my education and started working in a small company to support my family financially.

But recently I came to know that my college has launched a part-time course for Master degree in Business Management for working professionals like me. I can do this along with my job, and completing this degree will help me get a better job in the future.

I discussed it with my manager, and he suggested that I contact you because you financially support students who could not continue their studies because of poor financial conditions. I also wanted to request your support so that I can complete my research and get my dream job after completion.

Kindly do the needful.

Thanking you

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