Nowadays Many People Prefer to Use Private Cars: Writing Task 2

Nowadays many people prefer to use private cars. What problems has this trend created? What solutions can you suggest?

In this age, driving a personal car is now the choice of the larger population. Although there are benefits associated with this trend, it poses some problems as well. This essay will discuss traffic and the increase in accident rate as problems of increasing use of private cars and also give possible solutions to these highlighted problems.

Recently, increasing traffic jams and accidents rate have been linked to the high usage of private cars. Since most people now prefer riding a personal car to taking public transport, it increases the number of vehicles on the road, thereby escalating holdups, especially during working hours when everybody is out to go to their workplaces. In an attempt not to be late for work, some will drive recklessly and cause an accident. For example, A public commuter can carry about 10 to 20 passengers at once. Let’s now say each of these passengers has a car which means 10 or 20 cars will be on the road possibly at the same time, consequently, the road will be so busy and result to snarl-up and if care is not taken, accidents. Therefore, the trending use of private cars causes traffic and a high rate of accidents.

The solutions to the above problems are allocating a traffic warden to each road and formulation of a law on the speed limit by the government. The presence of wardens on the road will help to control cars, thereby reducing traffic. Also, enforcement of the speed limit law will guide drivers to drive at a given speed which will minimise accidents on the road. For instance, hardly will someone see a holdup or accident at Victoria’s junction in the USA because of the availability of a traffic warden and a speed limit on the road. So it is essential that traffic wardens and the speed limit should be on roads to prevent jams and accidents.

In conclusion, the increasing use of private cars causes snarl-ups and road traffic accidents, and these problems can be averted by placing traffic wardens on the road and enforcing of speed limit law.

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