Nowadays older people who need employment

Nowadays, older people who need employment have to compete with younger people. What problems does this cause and what are the solutions.

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It is undeniable that a growing number of young adults are faced with increasing competition from the It is undeniable that a growing number of young adults are faced with increasing competition from the elderly in the workplace. This essay will endeavour to explore the negative effects caused by this hot competition between the young and the old job-seekers, and then present some suggestions to alleviate these potential problems.

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The most troubling effect would be on the young, unemployed graduates, who may feel unmotivated and frustrated. Senior job candidates have rich experience, and therefore they tend to outshine young adults.Young employees are relatively restricted in terms of work experience and communication skills, because of which employers prefer to recruit older people with higher working efficiency rather than those who have just graduated from the university. Without a decent job and salary, it is extremely difficult for young people to make a living, as a consequence of which, some of them might resort to crime to fulfil their desires.

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Another negative implication could be on the senior workers. They might find it daunting to keep up with the latest advancements in technology. In manufacturing industry, for example, the use of advanced machines is quite common. But, how to operate the equipment could be a tough challenge for older workers, whereas it may be simple and easy for their younger counterparts. Therefore, the elderly employees might suffer both physically and psychologically, even if they secure reasonable jobs. Finally, if senior employees constitute the largest proportion of the company’s staff, then, it could lead to a decline of productivity and efficiency of the enterprise.

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These problems can certainly be solved. Considering the severity of this problem, it is imperative for the government to encourage self-employment for fresh graduates, so that young people still have huge room for employment even though they are eliminated by the job competition. Governments should encourage businesses to create more jobs for less experienced young employees who will then have the opportunity to accumulate experience.

Further, the governments should allocate more money to pension system, which can basically guarantee the basic needs of most elders, so that they do not have to look for jobs. At the individual level, the elderly should plan ahead for their retirement and enjoy their retired life, instead of competing for the limited job vacancies. This would be a win-win option both for the aged and the young.


To sum up, competition between both age groups for the jobs will continue to be more intense, but some steps at government and individual level can help to lessen the severity of the situation.

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