People in Developed Countries Have the Tendency to Buy More and More Things whether They Need Them or Not

People in developed countries have the tendency to buy more and more things whether they need them or not. Is it a positive or negative development?

In recent years, citizens, especially in well-established nations, tend to purchase more unnecessary things than ever. I completely condemn such a notion which is explained in the below composition.

To begin with, in the fast-paced and technologically advanced world, certain demographics of the society are observed to buy unrequired pieces of stuff in a larger quantity. As a result, inflation has reached drastically in the last decade. Consequently, richer are getting richer and poor are getting poorer. Basically, when people buy things without even considering their needs, they rise as the demand is more than the supply. Therefore, common people across the community have to undergo a lot of stress and sometimes they even commit criminal activities to feed their families. A prime example of this situation can be increased property rates in Mumbai – the financial capital of India- where buying or renting a tiny house is a dream for the salaried individual because rich people possess many unrequired as well as unused properties. Thus, I do not see this as a positive development that increases stress and anxiety in the entire society.

Besides this, due to this preposterous habit, the feeling of jealousy has unfortunately occurred in the heart of inhabitants in the super-power nations. For instance, in a family, if the elder brother buys a luxurious car, then the younger one does not seem to be happy about it. Despite that, he also pushes his capabilities to purchase the same or even more luxurious four-wheeler, which is utter foolishness. The same behaviour is observed across many people in the UK, where an individual finally declare himself bankrupt after taking huge loans to purchase liabilities. Hence, in my view, as human beings, we are increasing competition with our counterparts which is not good for the entire society.

To conclude, in my opinion, such development is not at all required whether in the developed or developing nations. Perhaps, inhabitants could help underprivileged people financially in their local councils, which is much required, looking to the current situation.

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