People in Developed Countries Have the Tendency to Buy More and More

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People in Developed Countries Have the Tendency to Buy More and More Things whether They Need Them or Not

People in developed countries have the tendency to buy more and more things whether they need them or not. Is it a positive or negative development?

Buying things beyond needs in the contemporary era is a fresh change in the shopping habits of modern buyers. This trend in buying patterns raises the question of whether it is good process progress or not. I firmly believe it is a positive aspect from the country‘s economy and producer viewpoint. Upcoming segments are elaborating my favour with the relevant examples and explanations.

To embark with, manufacturers definitely get benefited a lot from changing buying habits. Their profitability and survival directly depend on the aggressive sale of whatever they are producing. As such, if the consumer starts buying Products without considering their need or want, then only the manufacturer can think of earning or for the growth of their business. For example, every year, Apple phones come with unique features and high costs; buyers still consumers purchase that although there is no need for it… This benefits only the seller, not the consumer.

Furthermore, the economy of every country lies on the volume of expenditure made by the government as well as consumers. Excess spending boosts the country economically and reflects the country’s high per capita income. As such, one should encourage more spending by providing products that could tempt consumers to spend money irrespective of their needs. For instance, the economic condition of China is a top because their residents spend more portion of their income, even without feeling need of it, on technological products and tourism.

In conclusion, needless buying is surely negative in many sins although, it is welcomed by many nations and produces since their prosperity lies on it.

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