You Have Recently Seen an Advertisement in a Daily Newspaper

You have recently seen an advertisement in a daily newspaper for the position of sales representative. You have decided to apply for the post.
Write to the HR Manager of the company. In your letter, mention which post you are applying for, what relevant experience and skills you have and how you would be ideal for the post.

Dear Sir or Madam,

I am writing this letter concerning an open job position advertised in the Times newspaper on 27th June. I would like to apply for this Sales Representative position as I find this role very exciting. I have been aspiring to work with a forward-thinking and rapidly evolving organization like yours.

I hold a Master’s degree in Finance and accounting and completed a post-graduation in International business management last year. Since then, I have been working as Sales Executive in an E-Commerce company and sincerely aspiring to work in a more challenging environment. Also, I am proficient in MS Office and reporting tools.

Because I possess most of the skills required for this position and my aspirations align with the organization’s goals, I firmly believe that I am the best fit for this role. I request you to check to review my credentials attached to this email kindly, and I would appreciate your response on the same.

Thank you so much for being so considerate.

Yours Faithfully,

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