People Are Surrounded by Advertising Which Has an Increasing Effect

People Are Surrounded by Advertising Which Has an Increasing Effect on our lives. Do you think the positive effects of this outweigh the negative effects?

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Whether it is on TV, radio or hoardings at the side of the road, advertisements have become a part of our lives. Advertising is a powerful and persuasive medium. I believe that the beneficial effects of ads overpower the detrimental ones. On the positive side, advertisements provide us with information on new products. If it were not for electronic and print advertising, many products would not be bought. In this way, advertising provides an important service to manufacturers and some consumers. Additionally, it fuels the advertising industry, creating jobs for thousands of people. In this respect it has become the backbone of many economies of the world.

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Furthermore, advertisements touch social issues. For example, when Amitabh Bachhan tells people to bring their children for pulse polio immunisation, people listen. Then, there are ads against female foeticide which are very informative. Advertisements also teach a lot about the country from where the ads come. This is because through satellite TV we can see ads from all over the world. For instance, when we see a Japanese advert of a lady in a kimono, we come to know about the traditional clothes of Japan. However, adverts also have a downside. Because of advertisements, sometimes we buy what tempts us without the insight of what we need actually. Impressive images, videos, or captions are bound to leave an imprint on us. Secondly, ads are very disturbing at times.

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Television commercials are a great example of this. Just as we are enjoying a TV program, a commercial break occurs, forcing us to listen. Then, ads show dangerous stunts, which may be copied by children and they may get hurt. Finally, some ads target vulnerable children and so children pester their parents to buy things which can upset the family budget.


To conclude, adverts have their advantages and disadvantages. Indubitably, the merits outstrip the demerits. The onus lies on us to look into our real needs and not be swayed by adverts.

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