Some People Think We Need to Give Aid to All Poor Countries

Some people think we need to give aid to all poor countries. Others, however, argue that we should not give international aid to countries with corruption in their system. Discuss both views and provide your own opinion.

International aid refers to money, equipment or services that are provided by a country or International aid refers to money, equipment or services that are provided by a country or international organization for countries that need them, known as recipient countries. People are divided on the issue of giving aid to poor countries. Some say that it reflects the goodness of mankind, whereas others tend to believe that the recipient countries, which have venality in their system, can misspend the aid money. This essay intends to discuss both perspectives. I, however, side with the former view. Aid on humanitarian grounds is extremely imperative. Members of the global community have the responsibility to provide relief to each other, especially to those have-nots and those victims of natural disasters and civil unrest. This aid is essential to the homeless and useful in helping recipient countries return to their normal state after major disturbances. For example, with the humanitarian relief obtained worldwide, victims of natural disasters (such as tsunamis, drought, and floods) throughout the world can recover rapidly and rebuild their homeland.

Humanitarian relief is also an instrument to promote peace and security. The deep-rooted hostility between some countries can result from the gap in the standard of living between these countries. When aid is given, it opens up the possibility of cultural, economic and social interaction between countries, thereby easing tension. Recipient countries can thus participate in the global economy, which is a crucial step in warding off poverty.

Admittedly, monetary aid is sometimes misused or misspent, but these cons can never overshadow the benefits. Misuse can be tackled by tight regulations and scrutiny. In general, the abuse of international aid is an isolated event, so its effect should not be overstated.

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In conclusion, the role of humanitarian relief is not just to deliver prompt assistance to people in need, but also to strengthen ties between countries. Although fraud and corruption occur every now and then, they can be addressed in strict ways.

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