Research Has Shown that Overeating is as Harmful as Smoking

Research Has Shown that Overeating Is as Harmful as Smoking. Therefore, the advertising of certain food products should be banned in the way as the advertising of cigarettes is banned. Do you agree or disagree?

It has been revealed by a few studies that eating more than a need is as harmful as consuming a toxic product such as a cigar. So, it is suggested to have a ban on eating fast foods, as there is on taking cigarettes. I disagree with the statement because eating in lower or higher quantities is everyone’s right. Besides, some junk foods contain essential nutrients. So they have no carcinogenic effects on human beings as a cigar may have.

To commence with, although overeating is assumed as harmful as taking a cigar; however, a ban on canned food, which allures them to eat, cannot stop them from eating more. Because, who are addicted to eating, will eat at any cost. The reason is that they consider it their basic right to eat more or less. Thus, they will eat, but not regularly. So a ban on fast food will only create resentment among people for the government. Moreover, people consider that the impact of overeating is not deadly as consuming cigarettes. They consider that they may develop protruded stomach or high blood pressure, but that can be cured with the assistance of allopathic or homoeopathic medicines along with some sort of exercise.

Furthermore, some pre-cooked foods contain vital nutrients. So, if people crave to eat more and more; then, they cannot have serious health hazards. They will be able to satisfy their craving as well as appetite. Thus, there is no need for a ban on these foods, whereas cigarettes contain toxic products, which can negatively affect their health. To exemplify it, if people eat a homemade burger with boiled leafy vegetables and a layer of cheese on the top, it will make it palatable and satisfy their hunger. They will not feel the need to eat more due to having more natural ingredients in it.

To conclude, Thus a ban on fast foods is no longer needed. Because it is people’s choice to eat less or more, the inclusion of natural herbs or vegetables in homemade junk food such as Pizza will have no harm to the health of the people.

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