Some People Think that Young People Can Learn Useful Skills by Playing

Some people think that young people can learn useful skills by playing electronic and computer games. Others argue that people who play electronic and computer games are wasting their time. Discuss both views and give your opinion.

Nowadays, people might think about the people at a young age learning some of the skills while playing games through electronic devices. Also, some could mention that it will be a waste of time. I will discuss the negative impact of it and the abilities we are losing because of mobile games.

Firstly, much younger generation people are addicted to electronic games. They can play through mobile, computer and iPad. Due to that, they may have the ability to think in multiple aspects by playing many brain developing games. Also, that may help them to do multi-tasking in their daily life. However, many people do not know the limits to play on electronic devices. It causes many health problems. For example, overuse of screen timing damages our health and creates issues like dry eyes, dizziness, neck pain, and wrist pain as our fingers are involved more while playing the games. We have so many downside effects of it.

On the other hand, it is eating our most of the time by playing deeply in that games. It keeps us engaging without any distractions. That is how games were built to increase their popularity based on human psychology. Instead of that, playing indoor and outdoor games without mobiles and other devices is physically good. It helps to improve our stamina and keep us fit physically and mentally. Although you are desperate about your sports, we can achieve many more real-time medals in the Olympics and other events. For instance, as we spend most of our valuable time in mobile games, we are missing many social skills and increasing health hazards at a younger age.

Finally, I conclude with the worst effect of games playing in a long time. That could spoil our children to death by causing brain damage due to over usage of electronic screens. Everything should be within the limit to satisfy your gaming needs. It should not spoil your health and your work.

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