Research Shows that Some Activities Are Good for Health and Others Are Bad

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Research Shows that Some Activities Are Good for Health and Others Are Bad

Research Shows that Some Activities Are Good for Health and Others Are Bad. Despite Knowing That, Millions of People Engage in Unhealthy Activities. What Is the Cause of This? What Can Be Done?

Sample 1 Research Shows that Some Activities Are Good for Health and Others Are Bad

Research has proven which things are beneficial for health and which are harmful. Even Though people are aware of this, a plethora of individuals do things which are not good for their health. The main reason for doing this is that harmful activities provide pleasure and are easy to do, whereas healthy activities are difficult to follow. To overcome this issue, we should encourage people in different ways, such as by using social media to promote healthy activities or by making a timetable and many more, which I will describe in upcoming paragraphs.

Health is wealth, and therefore much research is happening on this topic. With the help of the internet, people can know about the result of this research, so they know what is better for maintaining their health. Although most people are aware of the latest news regarding health, they tend to ignore the facts and continue doing unhealthy activities. The most common ones are eating unhealthy food and not doing regular exercise. There are many causes for eating an unhealthy diet. Firstly, it is tasty. Secondly, it is easily available everywhere. Moreover, women are working now so often because of their busy schedules. They are unable to cook, and they eat packed food containing lots of harmful preservatives. To cite an example, in India still, most of the household responsibilities are on the women, so if they are busy, nobody prefers to cook for themselves, and they order food from restaurants. Hence, eating unhealthy food is a common practice.

Furthermore, people have become more workaholics these days, and work stress is also too much nowadays because competition is high. Therefore, to release stress, people take alcohol and smoke. These activities release hormones from the brain, so people feel good, and these are also addictive. Hence, even after knowing that these things are not good for the body, individuals can not leave these things easily. To overcome these bad habits and make a healthier lifestyle a habit, we should educate people with the help of social media and influencers because it can easily reach more individuals. Also, individuals try to follow the advice of their role models. For example, Actress Shilpa Shetty promotes healthy cooking ideas and yoga through her youtube channel, and many follow her and learn to live a healthy life. Another thing which peeps can do is they can make a timetable and try to follow it. Of course, this timetable should contain cheat days, so they do not get bored easily and continue to follow for a long time.

To conclude, people in this era know what is good and bad for their health and still do unhealthy stuff. There are many reasons for it, like busy life, stress and many more. Furthermore, unhealthy things provide pleasure, so it is easy to do. However, people should understand the importance of health and keeping a balanced lifestyle, shouldn’t they?

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