Schools Are No Longer Needed Because Children Can Find so Much Information on The Internet

Schools are no longer needed because children can find so much information on the internet and study at home. To what extent do you agree or disagree with this essay?

The misconception in education is about children not learning in class but searching the internet for information and studying at home. In this essay, I will discuss both views mentioned above in subsequent paragraphs.

The internet has made the world a global community, and the world can’t do without the use of the internet, as it has significantly and positively impacted our world. We revolve around the internet in our daily activities in every endeavour, particularly in terms of education. One cannot get all the necessary information from the internet in their comfort zone, but it has made learning much easier and more enjoyable. However, learning in school remains paramount to children (students), as the teacher explained in detail to students what they need to know. Technology has made learning in class also easier, as lectures can be delivered online through the internet via zoom class, which impact is the same as being in school because the teacher or tutor is there to teach the children what to learn. Furthermore, education is the future, and the future is education, but if not properly guided by a teacher, abuse is inevitable. The importance of teaching children in school by teachers should not in any way be taken for granted. At all levels of education, teachers who are instructors are needed. A practical course is to be carried out only on the school premises by a teacher’s instruction. For example, a laboratory experiment that involves chemicals and harmful substances can only be done in school and not at home. Hence children should not be stopped from going to school.

On the paradoxical side, neglecting schools and focusing on information from the internet for learning purposes at home will only produce half-baked bread, children who will not be able to stand the test of time academically because the children are groomed on a faulty academic foundation. Furthermore, in education, there are examinations, tests, and homework to be given to children periodically to test their knowledge at school, which are to be assessed by teachers.

In conclusion, the school are needed in conjunction with the use of the internet by an instructor, the teacher. I will agree the internet should be used more for students to get information to enable them to do their homework. However, learning in school should be held in high esteem.

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