Schools Should Not Force Children to Learn a Foreign Language: Writing Task 2

Schools should not force children to learn a foreign language because some students don’t have a natural ability for languages. Do you agree or disagree with this statement?

Languages are important for children to have good communication skills. Some of the students may not have the natural tendency to learn a new language. Therefore schools should not force them to learn foreign languages. This essay contains both the agreements and the drawbacks and explains why the former is a better choice.

Students spend a lot of their time in school learning numerous subjects according to their academic syllabus. Firstly, there is English, and a native language is taught mandatory as part of their curriculum. So, including a foreign language creates extra pressure and stress for the children. They find it difficult to understand basic grammar and pronunciation, gradually losing their confidence. Secondly, most of the people in rural areas tend to give high importance to their local languages. Hence parents are also in discomfort to help their kids by teaching them a new subject.

However, there are some benefits of learning a foreign language. To begin with, students who want to pursue their higher studies in other countries will always have an added advantage. Furthermore, when they migrate or travel to different places worldwide, it is easier to understand and convey in an ideal way. It helps them adapt to their cultures and communicate better with the locals.

This essay has discussed both views of learning new languages.  Although knowing a foreign subject is considered to merit in future, it is difficult for children to learn at such a young age, which leads to additional pressure.

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