Describe a Natural Disaster in Your Area

Describe a natural disaster in your area. You should say:

  • What was it?
  • When was it?
  • What exactly happened?
  • How has it affected your area?

Sample Answer of Describe a Natural Disaster in Your Area

Natural disasters are petrifying. Unfortunately, I witnessed one natural disaster when I was a kid. I was just six years old when I witnessed an earthquake. I even remember the date it was 26th January 2001. I had been sleeping on my bed since I was on holiday and suddenly my bed started moving and firstly I thought my mother was doing this to wake me up since she was also sitting on the bed playing with my younger brother. And then, my father entered the room in a hurry, and he asked us to move out faster. We were staying on the top floor of the apartment, and since we couldn’t use the elevator in that situation, we took the stairs to go out, and it was very hard to pass the stairs because everything was moving like anything. Luckily we managed to escape safely. The earthquake lasted only for 5-7 minutes, but it was a terrifying experience. Then after waiting for half an hour, we returned to our home, and we saw that all the vessels and containers were fell down on the kitchen floor. Then my father decided to move to my grandparent’s place since they lived in a house, not an apartment. So we moved in there for a few days. The next day I saw on the news that a building just 1 km away from my place fell, many people were stuck inside it, and many died. As the rescue started, we came to know that many casualties had occurred. I think I won’t be able to forget this horrifying experience for the rest of my life.

Part 3 Questions Describe a Natural Disaster in Your Area

Question 1:- What do you mean by natural hazards?

Answer – Natural hazards are the ones which are caused by mother nature, such as earthquakes, tsunamis, floods, storms, tornadoes etc. Many casualties occur when this natural disaster stickers.

Question 2:- Have you encountered any natural calamity in your life?

Answer – Yes, I had encountered one major and one minor natural calamity. The major one was the earthquake. It was terrifying, and many people died in that. The minor one was flooded. No one died in that, but a lot of damage occurred to the houses of the people.

Question 3:- Why does the world face more natural disasters in this present era than in the past?

Answer – The reason for this is climate change, and we are the ones who are responsible for this. Because of greenhouse gas emissions, the earth’s temperature is rising, and glaciers are melting, leading to rising sea levels. Many environmental changes are occurring recently, so we are facing more disasters than in the past.

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