Shops Should Not Be Allowed to Sell Any Food or Drinks that Have Been Scientifically Proven to Be Bad for People’s Health

Shops should not be allowed to sell food or drinks that have been scientifically proven bad for people’s health. To what extent do you agree or disagree?

Research has given evidenced based conclusion that bad diet can deteriorate a person’s well being and has gone to the extent of identifying foods and drinks that are culprits of ill health. Therefore, it is perceived that their sales should be banned. This essay agrees with this view because this measure will minimise, if not their availability, consumption and the health burden caused by food poisoning.

First, foods and drinks certified as dangerous for the body should be removed from the market because it will decrease their availability and accessibility to the public. When not sold, people will not get to buy or consume, so diseases or infections associated with malnutrition will not be rampant in society. For example, trending energy drinks have been found to contribute to the massively increasing rates of heart-related disorders such as hypertension, and heart attack, which are some of the significant causes of death in this century due to high caffeine content. Caffeine stimulates the heart, and its high concentration in the drink causes overstimulation of the heart and will make it overwork itself, resulting in a problem. So if this is banned, morbidity and mortality rates can be significantly minimised.

Furthermore, nutrition-related diseases surge the health burden as this will cause healthcare givers to have more patients to provide healthcare services, consequently increasing their workload. Also, on the part of the government, more cases reported will make them pump more funds which could have been used for something else to restore the community’s health. For example, cancer of the digestive tract has been attributed to consuming canned foods excessively. Hence, this has caused the health care provider to have more patients to give palliative care to while the government funds the sector more to meet the demand. Therefore, if shops don’t sell them, it will save both parties from avoidable burdens.

In conclusion, foods and drinks that have been tested harmful for human consumption should be prohibited to prevent people from taking them and for proper utilisation of health resources.

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