Some Believe that Education Money Should Be Spent on Better Computers While Others Believe It

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Some Believe that Education Money Should Be Spent on Better Computers While Others Believe It

Some believe that education money should be spent on better computers while others believe it would be better spent on teachers. Discuss both views and give your own opinion.

Some people and I think that education funds should be spent to provide better computers, while others believe that it should spend on the teacher to enhance their skills and salaries.

On the one hand, there are some reasons why should education funds should utilise computers. In this technical era, computers play a very important role in everyone’s life because people fulfil their basic tasks on the computer. Moreover, students these days, are not interested in carrying written books. They just want to study computers, and if more funds spend on computers, then it is helpful to reduce the burden of bags on school kids’ shoulders. In addition, if students attend on computers, it will be helpful to save their valuable time, which they spend on commuting here and there for education. They can utilise saved time to learn new skills at home through computers.

On the other hand, there are some reasons why education funds should invest in teachers. Spending money to enhance the skills of teachers is important because they have great brain power and have good experience in the teaching field. Teachers have many Strategies to teach specific topics to students in easy words with an example, which is tough for machines to explain. Moreover, students feel comfortable attending offline classes to increase their learning skills and stay focused on their studies. For instance, a survey was conducted across Europe on the internet about whether online classes are helpful or not. 70% of users say they lack social interaction due to online classes. This survey directly indicates the students are unavailable to learn new skills on a computer.

In conclusion, spending money on computers helps reduce the burden of school bags on students, while students get valuable experience from teachers in offline classes.

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