Smoking Can Cause Serious Illnesses and Should Be Made Illegal

Smoking can cause serious illnesses and should be made illegal. To what extent do you agree?

In this day and age, smoking is a common addiction the world over. It is suggested that smoking cigarettes has created a severe health issue, and it should be banned. This much agrees with the notion; however, the viewpoints will be analysed in upcoming paragraphs.

The first and foremost reason is smoke Bradley destroyed the human lungs. It is because it releases harmful gases which not only smokers addicted but also affect to near one person. It damages the human body parts like the lungs and heart. Also, it is clearly seen that it creates mouth cancer in many cases. Several studies have unequivocally proved that 85% of Uttar Pradesh’s population dies due to fail the lungs system.

Another pertinent reason is individuals are accessible to the addict, and they never come back from this. It cannot be erroneous that bad habits are easy to carry out. If people start smoking, they cannot ignore this. In fact, they consume more, which causes individual as well as their family members to face problems. To cite an example, the famous newspaper Journalist, times of India, wrote an article that drug addict families face money issues and are concerned with their life also because smoker waste many of money on this.

On the other hand side, Government must take stern steps to save the economy. Firstly, the authority should ban advertisements supporting drugs and promote or encourage the youth to buy. Secondly, make a law against the company that sells smoke and increase the rate of the product that individuals can influence to purchase. For example, there are a number of advertisements the illegal product which harmful to the body.

In conclusion, smoking destroys two people’s life at one time. Firstly, those who consume it and second, who stands nearby. The Government should create awareness and ban this type of advertisement affecting coming youths.

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