Some Animal Species, Such as The Dinosaurs

Some animal species, such as the dinosaurs, became extinct as a result of natural causes. Thus, extinction is a normal part the world’s evolution and actions should not be taken to prevent the disappearance of today’s endangered animals. How do you respond to this statement?ielts result

There are instances in history where some animal species became extinct due to the/because due to/as a result of natural causes. This evidence, however, does not dismiss/delete/produce the responsibility humanity has for the endangered animals of today. It is therefore refuted that people should avoid halting/avoid promoting/avoid festering the further disappearance of animals around the world. Looking at humanity’s role in animal endangerment and the effects animal extinction will have on the future of the world will prove the merits of fighting to destroy/offset/preserve life in all its forms.

Firstly, human activity is what threatens/how the threatening of/who threatens the vast majority of species in the world today. For example, global warming has endangered the existence of many of Canada and Russia/Canada and Russia’s/Canada’s and Russia’s glacial wildlife, such as the polar bear, arctic seal and walrus. This example debunks/champions/trumpets the notion that animal extinction is a natural part of the world’s evolution unconnected to human activity. Thus, because the existence of many endangered animals is exclusively sensitive to the actions of humans, it is clear that the current state of affairs/a policy of neglect a new course of action simply cannot be adopted by people the world over.

In addition to this, allowing animals to go extinct can cause a variety of problems for with humanity as well. For example, there are certain North American bats that decrease/that will devolve/currently shrinking in number at an alarming rate. Having less of these bats is leading to a surplus of certain insects, and this is producing abnormal growth patterns among/on/with plant life. As this example shows, the natural balance of the wild is an arrangement that has a direct impact/a key influence/an important role to play on key human resources. Thus, for humans to stand up/withdraw/remove and allow animals to become extinct is self-defeating.

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As the above shows, human beings must work towards preserving/for preserving/to preserving all species of the world. It is hoped the well-being of nature is standardized/rationalized/prioritized everywhere in the years to come.

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