Does living with a pet enhance a person’s life ?

Does living with a pet enhance a person’s life? To what extent do you agree or disagree?

A practice that has spanned across all cultures and countries throughout history is the domestication of animals. Today, living with a pet is a very common occurrence. It is argued that several benefits derive from living with animals. This will be proven by looking at the manner in which animals both provide companionship to the lonely and teach the importance of responsibility to children.

Firstly, living with animals provides companionship to people who are lonely, and this catalyzes healthful results. For example, a study in the US revealed that widowed cat or dog owners tended to live longer than other widowed people living without pets. As this example shows, the link between pet ownership and longevity can be seen. Thus, it is clear that living with a pet enhances a person’s life.

In addition to the above, children who live with pets learn how to be responsible at a very young age. For example, my nephew spent the first 15 years of his life caring for a family dog. Such an experience taught him the importance of maintaining a routine, and I feel this pushed him to develop the healthy study regimen that resulted in his acceptance to a good university. Therefore, living with animals can fortify a person’s ability to act responsibly.

Following this look, it can be concluded that pet ownership can simultaneously discourage loneliness and encourage maturity. The positive nature of these benefits makes it clear that living with an animal enhances a person’s life. It is hoped more people choose pets as a part of their lifestyle.

End of the Does living with a pet enhance a person’s life?

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